Presentation of Andrea Bandelli – University of Copenhagen

Presentation of Andrea Bandelli

Andrea Bandelli, PhD, CEO for Science Gallery International (SGI). He holds a PhD in Scientific Citizenship from Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

He championed the use of internet as a collaborative educational platform in schools and museums in the early 1990s, and has previously worked on the development of both the NEMO science centre in Amsterdam, the Miami Museum of Science and the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  He is also a partner of NISE, the Nanoscale Informal Science Education network.

Dr. Bandelli has developed, evaluated and directed several international projects on science, art, democracy and public participation in collaboration with Ecsite, the European network of science centers and museums. As CEO for SGI, he wants to bring Science Gallery experiences to a global audience by supporting and enabling leading research universities.

Dr. Bandelli has been appointed member of the SAB in 2017.