Presentation of Sadaf Farooqi – University of Copenhagen

Presentation of Sadaf Farooqi

Sadaf Farooqi, PhD, Professor of Metabolism and Medicine, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK, and is a Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow. Dr. Farooqi qualified with Honours in Medicine from the University of Birmingham, being awarded the gold medal. After hospital posts in Birmingham and Oxford she moved to Cambridge to undertake a PhD.

She is recipient of a number of awards, including the Andre Mayer Award, the RD Lawrence Award and the Society for Endocrinology Medal.

She identified the first single gene defect to cause human obesity in patients with a mutation in the leptin gene, published in Nature in 1997, and described their dramatic response to leptin therapy. Her long term goal is to understand the mechanisms involved in the regulation of human body weight and target mechanisms for therapeutic benefit.

Dr. Farooqi has been member of the SAB since 2014.