Clemmensen Group – University of Copenhagen

Clemmensen Group

Metabolism and Molecular Pharmacology

Our research focuses on dissecting neuroendocrine signals involved in coordinating appetite, food-motivated behavior, energy expenditure, glycemic control, and lipid metabolism. In parallel, we aim at transforming molecular and physiological insights into innovative therapeutic strategies that can correct obesity and its metabolic co-morbidities.

We are particularly invested in understanding how canonical satiety circuits interact with behavioral aspects of food intake, such as food reward. In context, we focus on detailing out how gut hormones modulate specific brain neurotransmitters to influence homeostatic and hedonic neurocircuits.

Another major research theme revolves around understanding how environmental interventions such as cold exposure, exercise and fasting engage with neuroendocrine systems to regulate energy metabolism and metabolic health.

As we aim at improving the medicinal options for obesity and type 2 diabetes, we persistently pursue the “druggability” of signaling pathways that are involved in regulating energy metabolism.