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Teaching opportunities

Many younger researchers express interest in undergraduate teaching, recognizing the central importance of teaching for their academic careers. Center scientists are strongly encouraged to interact with the Department of Biomedical Sciences and the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine for teaching opportunities. The Departments guide and advice Center scientists and provide matchmaking with undergraduate teaching opportunities.

Organisational implementation

The Center uses the University-wide procedures outlined below for engagement in teaching activities, developing teaching competences, and encouraging reflective development of the teaching portfolio.

Inclusion of educational activities in annual performance development reviews

Discussion of teaching portfolios in the annual performance and development reviews (PDR) (KU intranet - login needed) will be a key tool to encourage more Center scientists to participate in undergraduate education (see below).

Teaching portfolio

From 2018, all teachers at UCPH must prepare and maintain a teaching portfolio to strengthen the quality of teaching and to promote a more equal balance between teaching and research. At the same time, UCPH also introduces a pedagogical competence profile, which will be used in conjunction with the teaching portfolio to ensure a common language and criteria for good teaching.

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Quality assurance of education

The University requires that assistant professors who contribute to teaching must take the teaching and learning in higher education programme or corresponding training. 
Postdocs who contribute to teaching must take the Introduction to University Pedagogy (IUP) course or corresponding training.

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