Single Cell Omics

The Single Cell Omics platform provides access to the latest single cell transcriptomics/epigenetics techniques, scalable sequencing and to efficient computational work flows for single cell data processing, data normalization, data visualization and data analysis.

Technology and competence

To leverage the latest single cell transcriptomics and epigenetics technologies – which are typically complicated and/or expensive to set up, we maintain a state-of-the-art single cell omics platform. The platform employs nanofluidics and combinatorial indexing single cell library preparation techniques, scalable sequencing systems and computational work flows for efficient data processing and data analysis. To reduce data generation/analysis bottlenecks and efficient project turnover, the platform will be run by an equal number of experimental and computational staff scientists.

Know-how, training and knowledge sharing

To ensure access to the latest experimental and computational single cell techniques, the platform supports projects in close collaborative framework with researchers from across the Center. Moreover, the platform is actively engaged in the Danish Single Cell Network, across university forum for the discussion of single cell techniques, the forum meets at a monthly basis to discuss new techniques and update each other on single cell-related scientific projects.

Platform coordinator Tune H. Pers