Microbiome Systems Biology in the Arumugam Group

The Arumugam Group investigates how health and diseases are influenced by our gut microbiome; how the gut microbiome interacts with the host and environmental factors, and how we can therapeutically modulate the gut microbiome to improve health.

Researchers in the Arumugam lab at CBMR







Genetic background, lifestyle changes and lack of physical activity are important factors involved in metabolic disorders. However, emerging evidence suggests that our gut microbiome and their interactions with us also play an important role in our health and well-being. An imbalance in the gut microbiome may signify an unhealthy state of the host and contribute to obesity and diabetes pathogenesis.

The Arumugam Group aims to study the interactions between the host and the gut microbiome in order to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying metabolic disorders. The Group takes interdisciplinary approaches combining multi-omics microbiome data to study host-microbial crosstalk. The Group also investigates therapeutic approaches to modulate the gut microbiome towards improving human health.





























Portrait of Group Leader Mani Arumugam

Group Leader

Mani Arumugam
Associate Professor

Phone +45 23 64 95 52

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alvarez Silva, Maria Camila Postdoc +4535336512 E-mail
Arumugam, Mani Associate Professor +4535337581 E-mail
Azarm, Asieh Research Assistant +4529658310 E-mail
Bak, Emilie Glad External   E-mail
Brach, Thorsten External +4535334097 E-mail
Brejnrod, Asker Daniel External +4535331921 E-mail
Buijink, Jesse Arnold Research Assistant   E-mail
Da Rocha Fernandes, Gabriel External   E-mail
Deng, Shichen Master Student   E-mail
Fang, Qing Postdoc +4535327473 E-mail
Genua, Flavia External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Gnanasekaran, Thiyagarajan Staff Scientist +4535326899 E-mail
Nigro, Eleonora Research Assistant   E-mail
Saenz, Carmen Research Assistant   E-mail
Sarathi, Arjun Research Assistant   E-mail
So, Yunjeong External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Wistisen, Tobias Nyholm Postdoc +4535334053 E-mail
Group photo of the members of the Arumugam Group

From the left: Maria Camila Alvarez Silva, Carmen Saenz, Mani Arumugam, Asker Daniel Brejnrod, Annie Jane Pinder, Thorsten Brach and Emilie Glad Bak.