Meet the Arumugam Group

Group members at DHL run in Copenhagen
DHL run... and we are recruiting new lab members to help us win at some point! (Summer 2018)
Camila and Asker
Camila and Asker having a drink on a rare day of sun in Copenhagen (Summer 2018)
Social Event at the Tower
Before Covid... social event! Casino night (Tour of the Office 2019)
Group in Miami
The lab in Miami. Cool! (January 2020)
Carmen's poster won an award
Best poster award for Carmen (January 2020)
Group enjoying Syrian food
The lab having a traditional Syrian food evening (October 2020)
Group on zoom call
Meetings in 2020... we have all been there! (Somewhere in 2020)
Camilla and the group before PhD defense
Camila PhD defense team. Go Camila Go! (December 2020)
Camila won an award and chocolates
Camila winning chocolates for the lab (October 2021)
Group holding Christmas Party
Christmas party... if someone says "microbiome", drink! (December 2021)
Group at restuarant
Sometimes plots in a paper are easier to understand than a restaurant menu! (January 2022)
Group celebrating Chinese New Year
Celebrating the Chinese New Year together! The year of the tiger! (January 2022)