Precision Health in Obesity and Metabolism in the Loos Group

Our goal is to identify the key genetic and non-genetic determinants of body weight regulation to gain insight into the biology that underlies obesity and metabolism, and additionally, to improve prediction, prevention and treatment through implementation of precision health strategies.

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We study the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of obesity, collaborating closely with basic, translational and clinical researchers.

Our research program focuses on three projects:

  • In the first project, we aim to gain insight into the deeper layers of biology that underlie body weight regulation and fat distribution, through the discovery of genes and genetic variations that are associated with obesity and other adiposity traits.

  • In the second project, we determine the genetic and non-genetic determinants of body weight through deep-phenotyping of individuals at high vs. low genetic risk for obesity in recall-by-genotype studies.

  • In the third project, we will build a precision health cohort to identify key predictors of individuals’ metabolic response to diet and exercise to improve precision of lifestyle recommendations for optimal health.




















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Group Leader

Ruth Loos
Professor, PhD

Group members

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Guindo Martínez, Marta Postdoc +4535336779 E-mail
Loos, Ruth Professor +4535337781 E-mail