Metabolomics as a tool for Studying Metabolism in the Moritz Group

Our goal is to use metabolomics approaches to study the role of metabolites and lipids in metabolism. By using mass spectrometry based methods we can screen for 100s to 1000s compounds or target specific compounds in different biological systems. We hope to able to uncover the basic role of metabolites in metabolism and their role in developing diseases.





















































Group Leader

Thomas Moritz

Phone +45 3533 1390

Group leader Thomas Moritz

Group members

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Argemi Muntadas, Lidia Research assistant Moritz Group, Metabolomics as a Tool for Studying Metabolism, Metabolomics Platform   E-mail
Geng, Dawei Staff scientist Metabolomics Platform +45 353-37957 E-mail
Khan, Adnan Postdoc Moritz Group, Metabolomics as a Tool for Studying Metabolism   E-mail
Moritz, Thomas Professor Platform Coordinator, Metabolomics Platform, Group Leader, Moritz Group, Metabolomics as a tool for studying metabolism +45 353-31390 E-mail
Trost, Kajetan Staff scientist Metabolomics Platform   E-mail
Photo of Moritz Group

From the left: Kajetan Trost, Adnan Khan, Dawei Geng, Lidia Argemi Muntadas and Thomas Moritz