Metabolic Epigenetics in the Barrès Group

The Barrès Group investigates how diet and physical activity, by influencing somatic and gametic cells, influence long-term metabolic health in present and future generations.






























































Group Leader Romain Barrès

Group Leader

Romain Barrès

Phone: +45 353-37025 

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Altintas, Ali Assistant Professor +4535330625 E-mail
Altintas, Ali Assistant Professor +4535330625 E-mail
Andersen, Emil Postdoc +4553321012 E-mail
Barrès, Romain Professor +4535337025 E-mail
Fisher, Roberta May Research Coordinator +4593509397 E-mail
Hansen, Ann Normann PhD Student +4535334035 E-mail
Hansson, Svenja Research Assistant   E-mail
Hjort, Line Guest Researcher   E-mail
Iversen, Jo Frøkjær Research Assistant +4535332685 E-mail
Kjøller, Emma Tykesson Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Lundell, Leonidas Postdoc +4535324862 E-mail
Manitta, Eleonora PhD Student +4535331095 E-mail
Moharrek, Farideh Postdoc +4535325722 E-mail
Preston, Jessica Minerva PhD Student +4524959619 E-mail
Small, Lewin Barkla Postdoc +4591108278 E-mail
Taylor, Jodie Research Assistant +4535335259 E-mail
Tessier, Jasmeen Leila Ines Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Williams, Kristine Assistant Professor +4535334638 E-mail
Members of the Barrès Group

From the left: Romain Barrès, Lars Roed Ingerslev, Rebecca Hinrichsen Jeberg, Kristine Williams, Ali Altintas, Roberta May Fisher, Jessica Minerva Preston, Leonidas Lundell, Emil Andersen and Eleonora Manitta.