Gametic Epigenetics Consortium against Obesity (GECKO)

The focus of the GECKO is to understand the impact of diet on our epigenetic profile, how this can be passed on to future generations and, in some cases, lead to increased risk of obesity. We use complimentary methodological approaches including stem cell biology, epigenomics, nutritional interventions, and comparative biology.












































































Head of Consortium and Professor of Metabolic Epigenetics

Romain Barrès

Phone: +45 3533 7025

Gecko Contact

Darja Dobermann
Research Coordinator

Phone: +45 3532 2116

Head of Consortium and Professor of Metabolic Epigenetics Romain Barrès

Consortium members

Members at University of Copenhagen

Name Title Phone E-mail
Altintas, Ali Assistant Professor +4535330625 E-mail
Andersen, Emil Academic Research Officer +4553321012 E-mail
Barrès, Romain Professor +4535337025 E-mail
Hansen, Ann Normann PhD Student +4535334035 E-mail
Ingerslev, Lars Roed Bioinformatician   E-mail
Manitta, Eleonora Research Assistant +4535331095 E-mail
Preston, Jessica Minerva PhD Student +4524959619 E-mail
Small, Lewin Barkla Postdoc +4591108278 E-mail
Williams, Kristine Assistant Professor +4535334638 E-mail

Members at University of Sydney

Name Title
Clark, Thomas Student Assistant
Crean, Angela Postdoc
Mackay, Flora Student Assistant
Pye, Victoria Lab Manager
Simpson, Stephen Professor
Teixeira , Pedro Telleria Research Coordinator

Members at University of Chicago

Name Title
Aneas, Ivy Research Associate
Farris, Kate Student
Nobrega, Marcelo Professor
Sobreira, Débora Postdoc