Metabolism and Molecular Pharmacology in the Clemmensen Group

The Clemmensen Group studies the biological regulation of body weight and aims at developing new therapeutic strategies that can correct obesity and its metabolic comorbidities.

Researchers from the Clemmensen Group working in the lab








The focus of the Clemmensen Group is to dissect key regulatory nodes of body weight biology. We are particularly invested in parsing the physiological and molecular mechanisms that protect against weight gain. Toward this goal, we have established rodent and human models of ‘experimental overfeeding’. Another major focus area of the group is to unravel the consequences of energy balance perturbations on neuroplasticity – with special emphasis on glutamatergic post-synaptic events in the hypothalamus.

Inspired and encouraged by our research in energy balance and neuroscience, we employ medicinal chemistry to engineer new drug candidates for the treatment of obesity and obesity-associated diseases. We utilize modified peptide hormones to deliver small molecules of interest to target cells, with the long-term aspiration to create new drugs that will lower the defended level of body fat. 










“Pharmacological but not physiological GDF15 suppresses feeding and the motivation to exercise”
Published in Nature Communications in 2021 this work demonstrates key differences between exogenous and endogenous GDF15 on energy balance and behavior.

"The unidentified hormonal defense against weight gain"
Published in PloS Biology in 2020 this article gives an overview of the endocrine regulation of body weight and presents key knowledge gaps in this research area.

"GLP-1/dexamethasone inhibits food reward without inducing mood and memory deficits in mice"
Published in Neuropharmacology in 2019 this study demonstrates that a novel glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1)-dexamethasone co-agonist reverses rodent obesity via inhibiting motivation for palatable and rewarding foods.


The Clemmensen Group is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, The Lundbeck Foundation, The BioInnovation Institute, Independent Research Fund Denmark, The Danish Diabetes Academy, Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme and the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD).  











































Group leader Christoffer Clemmensen

Group Leader

Christoffer Clemmensen
Associate Professor

Phone: +45 2291 6333

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Clemmensen, Christoffer Associate Professor +4522916333 E-mail
Fadahunsi, Nicole PhD Student +4535334876 E-mail
Gil, Cláudia PhD Fellow +4535321183 E-mail
Juozaityté, Vaida Postdoc +4535336425 E-mail
Klein, Anders Bue Assistant Professor +4535333263 E-mail
Krauth, Nathalie Postdoc +4535321562 E-mail
Lund, Camilla PhD Fellow +4550928304 E-mail
Nielsen, Duy Anh Gurskov Student Assistant   E-mail
Petersen, Jonas Odgaard Postdoc +4535328066 E-mail
Svendsen, Charlotte Sashi Aier Laboratory Technician   E-mail
Photo of the Clemmensen Group

From the left: Charlotte Sashi Aier Svendsen, Vaida Juizaityte, Sarah Falk, Jens Lund, Christoffer Clemmensen, Trine Nicolaisen, Katrine Lundø Larsen (now in Schwartz Group), Ronni Sahl  and Camilla Lund.