Regulation of Metabolism and Nutrient-specific Appetite in the Gillum Group

The Gillum Group characterizes hormones and metabolites generated via the gut, gut microbiota, and liver that govern host metabolism and appetite. We identify the receptors and cellular targets through which they exert their beneficial or detrimental effects with the goal of identifying novel therapeutic possibilities.

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The overarching hypothesis is that the liver, gut, and gut microbiome affects host metabolism through the production of key metabolites and hormones which enter the body to act on target proteins or receptors expressed in endocrine and metabolic organs of the host. The current challenge is to move beyond descriptive studies and identify the mechanism by which the liver, gut, and gut microbiota contribute to host metabolism, appetite and the development of metabolic disease.

The Gillum Group characterizes identified metabolites generated via the gut microbiota, gut, and liver that affect host metabolism and nutrient-specific appetite. We identify the receptors and cellular targets through which they exert their beneficial or detrimental effects. Identifying such metabolite receptor pairs may provide novel therapeutic possibilities by either targeting metabolite synthesis or developing receptor agonists/antagonists. We anticipate to find several unidentified microbial metabolites that could affect host metabolism, as well as hepatic factors that regulate simple carbohydrate (sugar and alcohol) appetite.





















































Group leader Matt Gillum

Group Leader

Matt Gillum
Associate Professor

Phone +45 23 64 89 95

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Aagaard, Signe Müller Master Student   E-mail
Aldiss, Peter Stuart Jacob Postdoc   E-mail
Burm, Hayley Beth Research Assistant +4535335332 E-mail
Duizer, Lisanne Visiting Student   E-mail
Gillum, Matthew Paul Associate Professor +4535337078 E-mail
Grevengoed, Trisha Jean External +4535334583 E-mail
Michler, Ida Thorøe Bachelor student   E-mail
Michler, Katja Thorøe Master Student +4535335056 E-mail
Nielsen, Mette Søndergaard External +4535322001 E-mail
Skov, Louise Julie Postdoc +4535337065 E-mail
Svenningsen, Jens Skjoldan Laboratory Assistant +4535333281 E-mail
Trammell, Samuel Addison Jack External +4535335601 E-mail
Group picture of the Gillum Group

From the left: Samuel Addison Jack Trammell, Matt Gillum and Trisha Jean Grevengoed.