Metabolic Signaling in the Sakamoto Group

The Sakamoto Group investigates fundamental molecular signaling mechanisms that control energy metabolism and glucose homeostasis associated with exercise, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.




























































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Get a deeper insight into life and work at the Center in our blog CBMR Voices. Below are links to interviews with some of the Sakamoto Group members:

Faces of CBMR: Postdoc Florentina Negoita

Faces of CBMR: Visiting Student Pamina Gräsle

Faces of CBMR: Postdoc Fiona Louise Roberts

Faces of CBMR: Postdoc Greg Robert Markby

Faces of CBMR: Staff Scientist Danial Ahwazi

Group Leader, Professor Kei Sakamoto

Group Leader

Kei Sakamoto

Phone +45 35 33 40 07

Twitter: @kei_sakamoto

Linkedin: Kei Sakamoto

Group members

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Ahwazi, Danial Staff scientist Sakamoto Group, Metabolic Signaling Billede af Ahwazi, Danial
Markby, Greg Robert Postdoc Sakamoto Group, Metabolic Signaling Billede af Markby, Greg Robert
Negoita, Ionela Florentina Postdoc Sakamoto Group, Metabolic Signaling Billede af Negoita, Ionela Florentina
Roberts, Fiona Louise Postdoc Sakamoto Group, Metabolic Signaling Billede af Roberts, Fiona Louise
Sakamoto, Kei Professor Vice Executive Director Billede af Sakamoto, Kei

External Researchers

Name Title Telefon E-mail
Tran Phan Postdoc International Alliance Postdoc (based in Dundee) Portrait of Postdoc Tran Phan

Photo of staff in the Sakamoto Group

From the left: Danial Ahwazi, Kei Sakamoto, Pamina Gräsle, Greg Robert Markby and Fiona Louise Roberts.