Sakamoto Group photos

Sakamoto Group enjoying Friday
After a week of hard work, it is time for a treat.
Goodbye lunch and cake for two group members
Goodbye lunch and cake for Fiona and Greg, who are leaving us for new and exciting challenges in Sweden.


Sakamoto Group members at the DHL run
Marianne makes sure that Kei will his way around at the annual 5 km DHL-run
Sakamoto Group ready to run at DHL
Team Sakamoto ready to run
Sakamoto Group after DHL run
All found their way around :)

Group Retreat

Retreat where the Group is doing a mystery hunt
After scientific discussion at our Sakamoto group retreat it is time for a Mystery Hunt at Christiansborg castle. We are on The King's Route.
Continuing the mystery hunt
Instructions are read to find our way on The King's Route.
Completing the mystery hunt
We made it all the way to the throne and the power!
Dinner after the retreat
The retreat ends with a delicious dinner.

Summer Party

Group at the summer party
Florentina is in control of the barbeque at our Summer party
Potluck at the party
Enjoying a potluck with delicious food inspired from all over the world and a nice Danish summer