Metabolomics Platform

The Metabolomics Platform aims to use and develop tools for metabolomics analysis and systems biology to broaden the understanding of metabolites involved in the pathogenesis of metabolic disease.

Technology and competence

Metabolomics addresses the systematic study of all metabolites and small molecules (non-proteins) that are present within intracellular and extracellular fluids. Characterization of the metabolome is particularly important for studies of metabolic disease. Recent advancements in metabolomics make the simultaneous monitoring of several thousands of tissue and plasma metabolites feasible, allowing for a systems biology approach to metabolic research.

The platform will develop computational workflows for high-dimensional metabolomics data normalization, imputation of missing data, and quality control, and it will provide expert support in all aspects of the analyses, from sample preparation to bioinformatics. This will improve the cost effectiveness of large-scale metabolomics analyses. Moreover, bioinformatic tools will be employed and improved to enable transcriptomic and metabolomic data integration. Targeted protocols will be developed for specific metabolites, and the platform will establish analytical frameworks for untargeted metabolomics that will constitute the platform’s primary focus.

Know-how, training and knowledge sharing

This platform will significantly augment the current activities and synergize with research areas at the Center, with the other NNF Research Centers, with institutions in the Greater Copenhagen area, and around the world. As such, this platform will serve the entire life science and biotechnology community in Copenhagen, and act as a hub for key international partners.

Platform Leader, Professor Thomas Moritz.