Phenomics Platform

The Phenomics platform enables genomic, metagenomic and systems biology analyses of data obtained from carefully phenotyped individual human samples for studies of the pathophysiology and pathogenesis of cardio-metabolic health and disease.

Technology and competence

The Phenomics platform enables functional genomic research by exploring human serum, plasma, tissue, urine, feces and saliva samples and meta-data from various cohorts. With an integrated effort to bridge between genomics and phenomics, the platform aims to bring together research and clinical efforts, through multi-disciplinary collaborations, to advance genomics research by phenotypic information from publicly available studies (i.e., UK Biobank and others).

The platform provides restricted access to >250,000 biological samples obtained from cohorts representing the general Danish population, families and patient groups with selected metabolic diseases as well as samples from the isolated Greenlandic Inuit population. These cohorts provide detailed prospective information including baseline characteristics and periodic changes of lifestyle and anthropometrics. For many samples genetic, epigenetic, transcriptomics, serum proteomics, serum metabolomics, and intestinal and saliva microbiomics data are available. This multitude of pertinent individual data is linked to the Danish health, disease, and death registries. Furthermore, the platform involves a clinical facility for investigations of selected participants.

The Phenomics platform is an important facility when it comes to testing the relevance and mechanism of primary findings in cell- or animal-based metabolic studies for human metabolism. Together with collaborating epidemiological researchers the platform allows research to gain deep insight into metabolic health and metabolic abnormalities at a population level setting.

Know-how, training and knowledge sharing

The Phenomics platform has established expertise and Standard Operating Procedures for obtaining samples for optimal downstream processing and establishing procedures that follow guidelines from ethical committees and data protection agencies. Teaching and workshops in genomic and meta-genomic data handling will be held. The platform brings together researchers across the Center in a collaborative framework with national and international research groups.

Platform Manager to be recruited.