Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Platform

The Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping platform (RMPP) supports in vivo metabolic research at CBMR by providing access to state-of-the-art equipment, training, expertise, and services.


RMPP offers access to equipment, assistance, and training for:

  • Indirect calorimetry studies
  • Temperature and light/dark cycle controlled conditions for housing and experimental procedures
  • Body composition analysis
  • Food and water consumption
  • Core body temperatures
  • Advanced surgical procedures
  • Glucose clamping and telemetry as well as more standard procedures within preclinical metabolic research in mice, e.g. various tolerance tests

Find the full description of the in vivo techniques and equipment provided by RMPP below.

RMPP will guide and assist you through the required steps for initiating your in vivo studies – please see our Getting Started guide.

More information can be found on CBMR's RMPP page on KUnet.







RMPP provides training, guidance and assistance in the listed RMPP equipment. Click here to find booking details listed under relevant equipment on KUnet.

RMPP equipment & facilities
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