Single-Cell Omics Platform

The Single-Cell Omics Platform (SCOP) provides high-throughput single-cell and sequencing techniques to the CBMR community.

We offer experimental and computational services, knowhow on how to best dissociate tissues to single cells or nuclei, perform selected epigenetics experiments, as well as process downstream sequencing data.

Users provide SCOP with single-cell or single-nucleus suspension and extracted RNA from tissue for RNA-sequencing experiments and will in return, receive annotated and ready-to-analyse sequencing data.

 We offer:

  • Assistance with project planning
  • Library preparation and sequencing
  • Sequencing of user-supplied libraries
  • Data pre-processing and mapping to the given reference genome
  • Support for basic data analysis
  • Access to dissociation protocols database
  • Access to equipment and training

Single-Cell or Bulk Techniques

We have collected our services into two main categories, Single-Cell Techniques and Bulk Techniques. Click the links below to find out more.

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Platform Manager: Mie Mechta