Tine Friis

Tine Friis

PhD Student

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I am a PhD fellow in medical humanities at Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, and at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research. My PhD is a part of the research project Microbes on the Mind with PI and Associate Professor Louise Whiteley, and my research also connects to the current exhibition Mind the Gut at Medical Musieon.

I explore everyday perspectives on how our gut and brain matter for psychological health. Even though this connection is mapped out in laboratories around the world, we rarely address how gut and psyche connect in our daily lives. This is why I explore personal experiences with and perceptions of how the human gut and psyche are bound together, and I use qualitative methods such as memory-work, interviews and participant observation to do so. Furthermore, my project explores how ongoing research might influence the ways in which we understand ourselves and each other as healthy – in light of knowledge about gut, brain and psyche. My research brings in current exhibitions at Medical Museion, and I am generally interested in how exhibitions and aesthetic artefacts matter in interdisciplinary research practices.

My research interests also include how collectives and individuals constitute each other, and the processes of subjectivity that emerge in relation to this. I am also interested in relations between nature and culture (‘naturecultures’) to explore human embodiment, for instance in light of microbiome research.


Research interests

  • Subjectivity, health and society, with specific interest in interdisciplinarity and approaches such as social studies of science and technology (STS) and feminist science studies
  • Socio-cultural, critical and feminist psychologies
  • Medical humanities
  • Qualitative research practices, methodologies and ethics, among others in relation to museum and exhibition practice

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