Administration and Research Support

Staff overview of employees in the Administration and Research Support department of CBMR.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Belmont-Rausch, Dylan Matthew Postdoc +4535326151 E-mail
Christoffersen, Sarah Vigh Special Consultant +4535326282 E-mail
Graff, Jens Laboratory Technician +4535334392 E-mail
Hald, Helle Head of Administration +4535336110 E-mail
Hillesø, Fie Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +45+93516025 E-mail
Kaadtmann, Karina Nørgaard Secretary +4593563604 E-mail
Kjær, Kristine Academic Officer +4535324579 E-mail
Larsson, Ingegerd Secretary +4535326377 E-mail
Maslauskas, Arturas Special Consultant +4535337012 E-mail
Morozova, Vitalina Special Consultant +4535331026 E-mail
Robbins, Mel Academic Officer +4535321386 E-mail
Ryborg, Lise Research Coordinator +4535324030 E-mail
Serup, Stina Lerche Academic Officer +4535325061 E-mail
Simons, Mette Head Bioanalyst +4528757346 E-mail
Skadborg, Sussi Secretary +4535327938 E-mail
Staal, Anne Service Staff +4522231297 E-mail
Stanners, Peter Andrew Communications Adviser +4535334789 E-mail
Thomsen, Jane Sohn Special Consultant +4535337043 E-mail
Tiessen, Imke Special Consultant +4521327990 E-mail
Tinson, Maja Academic Officer +4535334071 E-mail