Section Staff: Administration

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Anne StaalService staff member  +45 22 23 12 97E-mail
Arturas MaslauskasFinancial controller Budgeting, economy, financial reporting, follow-up on NNF grant, external grants budgeting preparation and approval, salary allocation and forecasts, budget disposition for international alliances +45 23 48 47 75E-mail
Bettina LenggerResearch assistant Arumugam Group, Microbiome Systems Biology +45 353-35335E-mail
Birthe HøghProfessor Vice Executive Director +45 353-27758E-mail
Camilla VerdichResearch coordinator Administration +45 353-31861E-mail
Dorthe KjærsgaardSenior adviser  +45 353-31409E-mail
Elisabeth Bruun GullachAcademic administrative officer Executive Assistant +45 353-34820E-mail
Helle HaldHead of administration Administration +45 353-36110E-mail
Ingegerd LarssonSecretary  +45 353-26377E-mail
Jane Sohn ThomsenSenior research coordinator Project manager of two NNF Challenge Grants awarded to Scientific Directors Thue Schwartz and Juleen Zierath, respectively; provides research coordinator assistance tailored to the Schwartz and Zierath Sections. +45 353-37043E-mail
Karina Nørgaard KaadtmannService secretary  +45 29 61 79 24E-mail
Maja TinsonAcademic administrative officer Academic Administrative Officer +45 353-34071E-mail
Nicole FadahunsiResearch assistant Clemmensen Group, Metabolism and Molecular Pharmacology +45 353-34876E-mail
Petar Vladimirov TodorovResearch assistant Pers Group, Central Regulation of Metabolism +45 353-35309E-mail
Sara Elizabeth StinsonResearch assistant Hansen Group, Genomic Physiology and Translation +45 353-34980E-mail
Sarah Vigh ChristoffersenSenior advisor  +45 353-26282E-mail
Shaheryar ButtHourly paid student Student Assistant  E-mail
Stine BruunSenior Executive Consultant Chief Operating Officer +45 353-36472E-mail
Sussi Schejbel SkadborgAdministrative officer Secretary +45 353-27938E-mail
Tommy Alexander Sigsten PedersenAcademic Officer Administration +45 353-37527E-mail