Clemmensen Group

Staff list for the Clemmensen Group at CBMR

Metabolism and Molecular Pharmacology

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Clemmensen, Christoffer Associate Professor +4522916333 E-mail
Fadahunsi, Nicole PhD Student +4535334876 E-mail
Gil, Cláudia PhD Fellow +4535321183 E-mail
Juozaityté, Vaida Postdoc +4535336425 E-mail
Klein, Anders Bue Assistant Professor +4535333263 E-mail
Krauth, Nathalie Postdoc +4535321562 E-mail
Larsen, Isabella Beck Master Student   E-mail
Lund, Camilla PhD Fellow +4550928304 E-mail
Mathiesen, Cecilie Vad Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Mathiesen, Nana Hjulsager Master Student   E-mail
Nicolaisen, Trine Sand PhD Student   E-mail
Nielsen, Ben Student Assistant   E-mail
Petersen, Jonas Odgaard Postdoc +4535328066 E-mail
Pregnolato, Chiara Master Student   E-mail
Ranea Robles, Pablo Postdoc   E-mail
Sahl, Ronni Eg Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Svendsen, Charlotte Sashi Aier Laboratory Technician   E-mail