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Program Staff: Integrative Metabolism and Environmental Influences

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Alba Gonzalez-FranquesaPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-37618E-mail
Ali AltintasPostdoc  +45 353-30625E-mail
Ann Normann HansenResearch assistant   E-mail
Anna Skab Hassing   E-mail
Antonio Augusto Bastos PelusoPostdoc   E-mail
Astrid Linde BassePostdoc Circadian rhythm, Exercise, NAD salvage pathways, Nampt, Skeletal muscle, Mouse, Insulin sensitivity, Type 2 diabetes, Glucose metabolism, PCR +45 353-33028E-mail
Atefeh RabieeAssistant professor   E-mail
Ben Nicholas StocksPostdoc   E-mail
Brice EmanuelliAssistant professor Group leader +45 353-37016E-mail
Ceren Kocana   E-mail
Danial AhwaziResearch assistant  +45 353-25398E-mail
Eleonora ManittaPhD Fellow PhD fellow +45 353-31095E-mail
Emil AndersenPhD student Epigenetics, DNA methylation, Adipose tissue, Adipocytes, Clinical research, Cell culturing, MACS, Sequencing +45 53 32 10 12E-mail
Emilie DalbramResearch assistant  +45 353-33791E-mail
Emma Tykesson SkinbjergLaboratory assistant Laboratory Assistant  E-mail
Erin Louise BrownPostdoc  +45 353-32587E-mail
Galal Nazih ChehabiMaster student   E-mail
Ingegerd LarssonSecretary  +45 353-26377E-mail
Jacob Ardenkjær-LarsenResearch assistant  +45 353-26037E-mail
Jinyi ZhangVisiting Researcher  +45 353-37116E-mail
Jonas Thue TreebakAssociate professor Group Leader +45 24 80 53 98E-mail
Julia VillarroelPostdoc CBMR +45 353-32844E-mail
Kaja PlucinskaPostdoc  +45 353-34918E-mail
Kaja RuparPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-26255E-mail
Kasper Faarkrog HøyerAffiliate (PhD student)   E-mail
Kristine WilliamsAssistant professor  +45 353-34638E-mail
Lars Roed IngerslevResearch assistant  +45 353-37060E-mail
Leonidas LundellPostdoc   E-mail
Lewin Barkla SmallPostdoc  +45 91 10 82 78E-mail
Mads Thue Fejerskov DamgaardResearch assistant  +45 353-26585E-mail
Mads Thue Fejerskov Damgaard   E-mail
Marco TozziPostdoc Postdoc  E-mail
Marianne Møller AndersenBiomedical laboratory technician DNA/RNA, RTqPCR, PCR, FACS, Western Blot, Glycogen assay, Glucose Uptake H3+C14, cells, mice and human studies  E-mail
Marie Amanda Bust LevyLaboratory assistant  +45 353-37142E-mail
Marie Sophie Lykke IsidorPostdoc  +45 353-36550E-mail
Mette Carlsen MohrLaboratory technician  +45 353-26867E-mail
Mette Yde HochreuterPostdoc  +45 353-37080E-mail
Mie MechtaResearch academic officer  +45 353-37082E-mail
Ole Lindgård DollerupPhD student  +45 353-30997E-mail
Patricia Stephanie S PetersenResearch assistant  +45 353-30226E-mail
Pattarawan PattamaprapanontPostdoc  +45 353-33757E-mail
Rebecca Hinrichsen JebergLaboratory manager Laboratory Manager +45 353-37114E-mail
Roldan Medina de GuiaPostdoc   E-mail
Romain BarrèsProfessor Group leader, Deputy director +45 353-37025E-mail
Sabina ChubanavaResearch assistant  +45 353-32352E-mail
Søren Madsen   E-mail
Thomas Svava NielsenResearcher Mouse Glucose Clamp, Microsurgery, In Vivo Glucose Turnover, Biochemistry, Protein Modification and Signaling +45 353-37536E-mail