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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Andersen, Charlotte Høy Laboratory assistant Phenomics Platform   E-mail
Andersen, Kirsten Bayer Platform Manager Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Platform +45 93 51 59 80 E-mail
Bork-Jensen, Jette Staff scientist Phenomics Platform +45 353-37046 E-mail
Clemmensen, Christoffer Associate professor Group Leader, Clemmensen Group, Metabolism and Molecular Pharmacology +45 22 91 63 33 E-mail
Egerod, Kristoffer Lihme Research consultant Lead Developer, Single Cell Omics Platform +45 353-37057 E-mail
Forman, Annemette Biomedical laboratory technician Phenomics Platform +45 353-37009 E-mail
Franck, Clara Sandkamm Laboratory assistant Phenomics Platform   E-mail
Frimurer, Thomas Michael Associate professor Head of Unit, Computational Chemistry Unit +45 30 29 20 89 E-mail
Geng, Dawei Staff scientist Metabolomics Platform +45 353-37957 E-mail
Grarup, Niels Associate professor Platform Coordinator, Phenomics; Group Leader, Grarup Group, Translational Metabolic Genomics +45 353-37126 E-mail
Ingerslev, Lars Roed Staff scientist Single Cell Omics Platform   E-mail
Lilja-Fischer, Helle Kinggaard Laboratory technician Single Cell Omics Platform +45 26 71 92 96 E-mail
Lorentzen, Tina Hvidtfeldt Biomedical laboratory technician Phenomics Platform +45 29 61 78 38 E-mail
Lückmann, Michael Staff scientist Computational Chemistry Unit +45 91 75 30 42 E-mail
Mechta, Mie Platform Manager Single Cell Omics Platform +45 353-37082 E-mail
Mohr, Mette Carlsen Laboratory technician Single Cell Omics Platform +45 353-26867 E-mail
Moltke, Philip Borgbjerg Laboratory assistant Phenomics Platform   E-mail
Moritz, Thomas Professor Platform Leader, Metabolomics Platform, Group Leader, Moritz Group, Metabolomics Research +45 353-31390 E-mail
Møller, Oliver Knights Staff scientist Single Cell Omics Platform +45 353-25726 E-mail
Nielsen, Thomas Svava Research consultant Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Platform +45 353-37536 E-mail
Pers, Tune H Associate professor Platform Coordinator, Single Cell Omics Platform; Group Leader, Pers Group, Central Regulation of Metabolism +45 353-35755 E-mail
Petersen, Anja Alex Laboratory technician Computational Chemistry Unit +45 353-36194 E-mail
Petersen, Lisbeth Meyer Animal caretaker Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Platform +45 353-32607 E-mail
Rundsten, Carsten Friis Staff scientist Phenomics Platform +45 353-31853 E-mail
Sandbeck, Peter Data manager Phenomics Platform +45 353-37132 E-mail
Thompson, Jonathan James Academic research officer Single Cell Omics Platform +45 353-26587 E-mail
Torresano Lominchar, Jesus Vicente Academic research officer Phenomics Platform +45 353-34601 E-mail
Trost, Kajetan Staff scientist Metabolomics Platform   E-mail
Ängquist, Lars Research consultant Phenomics Platform +45 353-21092 E-mail