Science & Innovation Advisory Board

Group photo of the members of CBMR's SIAB

Left to right: David Moller, Jane Macnaughton, Morris Birnbaum (chair), Dame Frances Ashcroft (vice chair), Jean Schaffer, Roger Cone, Cisca Wijmenga
Missing: Geoffrey Ginsburg.



Morris Birnbaum (Chair)
PhD, MD, Former SVP-CSO
Internal Medicine Research Unit
Pfizer, US

Emeritus Professor of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania, US

Dame Frances Ashcroft (Vice-Chair)
Professor of Physiology
University of Oxford, UK

Cisca Wijmenga
Professor of Human Genetics
University of Groningen, NL

David Moller
MD, Chief Scientific Officer
Variant Bio, US

Jane Macnaughton
Professor of Medical Humanities
Durham University, UK

Jean E. Schaffer
Professor of Molecular Metabolism
Harvard Medical School, USA

Professor of Medicine
Joslin Diabetes Center, US

Geoffrey Ginsburg
Chief Medical and Scientific Officer
NIH All of Us Research Program, US

Roger Cone
Mary Sue Coleman Director & Research Professor
University of Michigan, US



Since 2017, a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has provided the Executive Leadership guidance and support in setting CBMR’s research priorities. The SAB consists of outstanding international professors and experts in the areas of molecular endocrinology, obesity, nutrition and energy metabolism, the genetics of diabetes and obesity, and science communication. To ensure continuity as well as renewal of the SAB, members are usually assigned for a period of up to five years.

The focal point of the dialogue is an annual meeting in which the Board reviews the Center’s scientific progress and provides guidance for future plans and developments. This includes an evaluation of the Associate Professor Group Leaders against three criteria: potential, performance, and fit for the Center. Since 2020, the SAB has assessed the extent to which the Research Programs and the Center’s Flagship Projects have contributed to collaborative, synergistic and interdisciplinary research.

In support of the new Center strategy 2024–2028, the scope and composition of the Board have been developed further. From 2024, a new Science & Innovation Advisory Board (SIAB) that – on top of its scientific excellence – has ample experience in top-level research organizations, profound knowledge of translating fundamental research into commercially applicable solutions and substantial professional gravitas will provide advice and recommendations in a holistic manner to the Center.