Innovation and Translation

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CBMR is committed to translating its discoveries and accelerate the prediction, preven­tion, diagnosis and treatment of cardiometabolic disease.  While the Center already has a proven track record in successful patent applications and developing spinout companies, additional initiatives and streamlined processes will be implemented to foster a stronger innovative culture and translational mindset across CBMR.

To bring this commitment to life, the Center has appointed an Innovation Team who has developed three key initiatives to drive innovation at CBMR.


The first initiative is to equip and empower Center scientists with tools and knowhow to assess and pursue commercial potential of their science. The Innovation Team will align and connect Center scientists with opportunities in the regional research ecosystem, including innovation training offered by the Faculty’s program The Pipeline, and the BioInnovation Institute.



The CBMR Innovation Team will guide and assist in innovation processes including attainment of intellectual property rights, proof-of-concept/pre-seed fundraising, industry partnerships and the development of spinout companies.

To aid in the evaluation of the commercial potential of new discoveries, an infrastructure in which CBMR-born research is subject to rapid internal assessment and guidance will be established. The innovation infrastructure will serve as an agile guidance pathway in which requests for assistance and feedback will be handled and orchestrated by the Innovation Coordinator.



The CBMR Innovation Summit will bring together global leaders from academia, biotech, pharma and the healthcare sector to focus on next generation prevention and treatment strategies for cardiometabolic disease. The Innovation Summit will be a two-day event held every other year (starting in 2024) in a fashion so that it synchronizes with other activities from our key stakeholders (e.g., innovation events by the Faculty, University, BioInnovation Institute).


CBMR Spinouts

CBMR already has a strong track record securing competitive innovation grants exemplified by two early-stage companies, Solid Therapeutics and Ousia Pharma, which have been accepted into the BioInnovation Institute Venture Lab program. Embark Biotech, another CBMR spinout, is a part of the BioInnovation Creation House program and both Embark and Ousia Pharma have secured additional funding from Innovation Fund Denmark.

The success and experience with biotech company creation is invaluable with respect to fostering a strong culture for transforming key discoveries into novel prevention and treatment strategies for patients suffering from cardiometabolic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Read more about CBMR's spinout companies, below.


Innovation Officer

Associate Professor Christoffer Clemmensen

Portrait of Christoffer Clemmensen