Outreach & Engagement

Our scientists hold a wealth of knowledge that can have implications for how we live our lives and see the world around us. CBMR is therefore committed enabling more nuanced discussions about cardiometabolic health and disease, and to build trust and curiosity through engagement that acknowledges the complexity of metabolism, but in an approachable and relatable way. Our outreach activities are largely driven by Research Program 4, Cardiometabolic Research in Society and Culture, at the Medical Museion.

Photo of a person walking next to an art installation of the planet Earth
The exhibition 'The World is in You' at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, where curators from the Medical Museion worked closely with CBMR scientists to integrate the latest science on circadian biology, the microbiome and epigenetics. Photo: David Stjernholm

Selected Outreach Projects

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