Data Analytics Platform

The Data Analytics Platform enables CBMR scientists and collaborators to seamlessly integrate multidimensional, high-resolution data from diverse sources in a state-of-the-art computing environment. The Data Analytics Platform facilitates data-driven research in collaboration with researchers locally, nationally and internationally.

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The Data Analytics Platform aims to:

  • Provide a team of experts with diverse and complementary skills, spanning data architects, programmers and bioinformaticians who can support CBMR researchers performing both basic and advanced analyses, and provides a community for scientists to learn and train.
  • Curate and centrally store all CBMR-generated data, where possible, according to the FAIR principles in an easily accessible, yet secure software infrastructure that adheres to legal requirements.
  • Provide CBMR scientists with access to a powerful, scalable and purpose-built compute environment that enables CBMR scientists and their collaborators to integrate, analyze, and share data in secure, reliable and efficient ways.




We offer:

  • Access to dedicated high-performance computing and data storage facilities.
  • Access to data and samples for more than 500,000 individuals from several cohorts.
  • Support for analysis and curation of human genomic and transcriptomic data.
  • Quality control, imputation, and post-imputation quality control of chip-genotype data.















If your research group would like access the Data Analytics Platform’s cohort data, or would like to collaborate some other way, please send an email to or contact a team member individually.






Platform Manager

Tobias Stefan Richter

Portrait of Tobias Richter