Single-Cell Omics Platform

The Single-Cell Omics Platform (SCOP) provides high-throughput single-cell and sequencing techniques to the CBMR community.

We offer our users access to state-of-the-art single-cell techniques, expert guidance, experimental and computational services, and training of library preparation protocols.

We provide expertise and support throughout the entire project from project planning to data processing and analysis.


SCOP’s aim is to:

  • Develop and implement cutting-edge single-cell techniques
  • Make single-cell techniques available for CBMR scientist and their collaborators to advance and accelerate their scientific contribution and outreach.



  • Assistance with project planning.
  • Library preparation and sequencing.
  • Sequencing of user-prepared libraries.
  • Data pre-processing and mapping to the given reference genome.
  • Support for basic data analysis.
  • Access to dissociation protocols database.
  • Training of library preparation protocols.



The Single-Cell Omics Platform is sharing our know-how to the CBMR researchers and students by arranging seminars and SCOP User Meetings. SCOP is an established member of the Danish Single-Cell Network where knowledge sharing with both national and international scientist is central.

SCOP offers training of library preparation protocols and in-house instruments, which can foster within-group knowledge sharing.


The workflow below will give you an overview of the full process of a collaboration with SCOP (click image for larger version).

Overview of the SCOP workflow


Cell Sorter (SONY SH800): A simple and easy-to-use cell sorter with fully automated setups used for sorting cells and nuclei for single-cell assays.


NextSeq 500: A one lane sequencing platform with an output of approximately 30 GB and 400 million single-end reads. Ideal for RNAseq (bulk and single-cell) and RRBS for a low number of samples. Read more about the NextSeq instrument here.

The NextSeq500 machine


NovaSeq 6000: A highly flexible sequencing platform that can run up to 2 flow cells at a time. 4 different flow cells are available with an output of 800 million to billions of single-end reads. Read more about the NovaSeq instrument here.

The NovaSeq600 machine


Sciclone IQ: 

The Sciclone IQ is an automated and fully walkaway able pipetting robot with shakers, coolers/heaters and an on-deck thermocycler. The Sciclone IQ is specialized for NGS library preparation and will soon have RNA sequencing (small, mRNA and total) and the RRBS protocol installed.

The Sciclone IQ machine


TapeStation: An automated electrophoresis system for quality control of DNA, RNA and NGS libraries.

The TapeStation machine


10X Chromium Controller: A controller used for single-cell experiments which uses microfluidics to perform thousands of single cell partitions, each containing a unique barcode for single cells to be identified downstream.


Qubit fluometric quantification: Qubit fluorometer is used for quantification of nucleic acids. The qubit can measure dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, and proteins. The qubit is used for quantification of NGS libraries.

Most of SCOP's equipment is bookable - just contact the SCOP team to learn more.




Platform Manager

Mie Mechta

Portrait of Mie Mechta

SCOP Services

We have collected our services into three main categories, Single-Cell Techniques, Bulk Techniques and Sequencing-Only Techniques. Click the links below to find out more:

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Publications and acknowledgements

The Single-Cell Omics Platform provides a variety of services for CBMR researchers.

Read more below on how to acknowledge SCOP in publications and see a list of publications where SCOP has been acknowledged for their contributions: