Metabolomics Platform

The Metabolomics Platform was established in 2019 and is led by Professor Thomas Moritz.

The Platform provides targeted and untargeted metabolomics analyses, as well as lipidomics analysis. We are currently also implementing stable isotope labelling techniques for flux determination.


Our overall aim is to develop analytical strategies for metabolomics-driven systems biology in personalized health strategies.

Our specific aim is to develop and implement cutting-edge, tailored metabolomics techniques.



We offer experimental and computational services, and assistance with project planning of metabolomics-based projects on a case-by-case basis, as they will be depending on the biological system and question. We find that in-house expertise and services help our scientists streamline their research, so they can achieve their research goals faster.

  • Extraction of samples
  • Metabolomics analysis
  • Targeted analysis of specific metabolites
  • Lipidomics analysis
  • Analysis of labelling in stable isotope labelling experiments (fluxes)
  • Biostatistics/bioinformatics
  • Help with planning of experimental (metabolomics/lipidomics projects)






1.    Request
2.      Platform specialists and Researcher together define the project
    1. Study design
    2. Screening methods (met/lip)?
    3. Targeted analysis (e.g. AA, nucleotides...)?
    4. Labelling studies
    5. Method development needed?
    6. Other?
3.    Decision about take on the project
    1. Feasibility
    2. Size
    3. Methodology
    4. Timing
4.    Project put in queue
5.      Report to Researcher
    1. Methodology
      1. Sample preparation
      2. Data acquisition
      3. Data analysis
    2. Results
      1. Quality controls
      2. Statistical analysis
      3. Bioinformatics
6.      Follow up
  1. Additional analyses and studies
  2. Publication requests



This Platform will significantly augment the current activities and synergize with research areas at the Center, the Copenhagen Bioscience Cluster, with institutions in the Greater Copenhagen area, and around the world.

As such, this Platform will share and spread knowledge about metabolomics to the life science community in Copenhagen and act as a hub for key international partners.


Mass spectrometers

  • LC-QTOF-MSMS (Bruker tims-TOF-pro (2 instruments); Bruker Impact II)
    1. Metabolomics
    2. Lipidomics
  • GC-MS (Leco Pegaus BT)
    1. Metabolomics
    2. Targeted analysis
  • LC-TQMS (Waters Xevo TQ-XS)
    1. Targeted analysis

Sample preparation

  • Agilent Bravo automated liquid handling system
    1. Sample preparation




Platform Leader

Thomas Moritz

Portrait of Thomas Moritz


Platform Manager

Mansa Nair-Kihara

Portrait of Mansa Nair-Kihara

Metabolomics Services

We have collected our services into four main categories: Metabolomics Analysis, Lipidomics Analysis, Targeted Analysis of Specific Metabolites, and Fluxomics. Click the links below to find out more:


Video about the Metabolomics Platform