Targeted analysis of specific metabolites

With targeted metabolite profiling, we analyse specific compound classes, e.g. amino acids, fatty acids, eicosanoids and steroid hormones. The advantage compared to an untargeted metabolomics approach is that with stable isotope labelled internal standards and calibration curves, absolute quantitative data can be achieved. Furthermore, depending on methods used, the sensitivity and specificity of the analysis is better.


The most common approach is LC-TQMS (triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry) in multiple-reaction-monitoring (MRM) mode for targeted profiling. The below figure shows an example of analysis of amino acids by LC-TQMS. 


Examples of targeted methods available at the platform (type of mass spectrometer in “()”):

  • TCA metabolites (GC-MS; LC-MS)
  • Short-chained fatty acids (LC-MS)
  • Hydroxylated fatty acids (LC-MS)
  • Amino acids (LC-MS)
  • Dipeptides (LC-MS)
  • Bile acids (LC-MS)
  • NAD-metabolites (LC-MS)
  • Nucleotides, e.g. ATP, ZTP etc. (LC-MS)