Sable Indirect Calorimetry

RMPP is equipped with four 16-cage Sable Prometheion Systems, three in cabinets, and one open, free-standing system. The cabinets can be temperature-controlled from 4 to 30 °C and are adjustable for light/dark cycles for circadian studies.

To book time in the Sable systems, please fill out our Sable Booking Request Form, available in the Downloads section. Expect up to 3 months of waiting time, depending on size and duration of requested setup.  At the moment, Sable is only available for CBMR users.

Sable Promethion provides continuous measurements of oxygen consumption, CO2 production, activity and food + water intake. Data can be exported with resolution from 1 minute to 1 hour resolution. RMPP offers assistance in data analysis and data interpretation through the analysis software CalR. Please let us know if you want help with data analysis at

We have a range of accessories available that can be booked with the system. Accessories include:

  • isotope analyzer
  • treadmill
  • running wheels
  • methane analyzer
  • access-control to food

Due to the sensitivity of the equipment, animals, cages and mass monitors in the Sable systems can only be accessed and handled by RMPP staff. If experiments require repeated access to animals (for example due to compound administration), users can be trained in proper handling by RMPP staff – please contact to book training.