RMPP is equipped with a state-of-the-art room for clinical, aseptic surgery. The room is connected to a room for anesthesia and preparation. Consumables in the room are maintained by RMPP staff, but please inform our technicians if stocks are running low.

RMPP maintains a team of highly skilled staff scientists and technicians that specializes in surgical procedures. Some examples of their abilities include:

  • Liver ischemia-reperfusion
  • Jugular vein, portal vein, and carotid artery catheterization
  • Brown adipose tissue denervation
  • Bile duct catheter insertion
  • Partial hepatectomy

If you need a procedure not listed, feel free to fill out our request form or by sending an email to

You can also get permission to use the surgery room on your own. This requires a proper introduction from RMPP staff. Introductions can be booked through Training in specific procedures can also be arranged by sending a training request to