Emanuelli Group

Staff list for the Emanuelli Group at CBMR

Signaling Pathways in the Functions of Adipocytes

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Avramets, Diana Research Assistant +4535329174 E-mail
Bossi, Simone Postdoc   E-mail
Emanuelli, Brice Associate Professor +4535337016 E-mail
Isidor, Marie Sophie Lykke Assistant Professor +4535336550 E-mail
Kirstein, Anna Postdoc +4535328420 E-mail
Petersen, Patricia S. S. Academic Staff +4535330226 E-mail
Plucinska, Kaja International Researcher +4535334918 E-mail
Tandio, David PhD Fellow +4535336954 E-mail
pxn632, pxn632 PhD Student +4535336279 E-mail