Loos Group

Staff list for the Loos Group at CBMR

Precision Health in Obesity and Metabolism

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Carrasquilla, Germán D. Research Consultant +4535334595 E-mail
DSilvia, Sheldon Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Díez Obrero, Virginia Postdoc +4535333122 E-mail
Eberl, Erica Elizabeth PhD Fellow +4535322304 E-mail
Forman, Annemette Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535337009 E-mail
Guindo Martínez, Marta Postdoc +4535336779 E-mail
Hjortshøj, Ane Lund Intern   E-mail
Husted, Karina Louise Skov Research Consultant +4528127945 E-mail
Jain, Siddhi Yash Academic Research Officer +4535323896 E-mail
Jakobsen, Ulla Kløve Special Consultant +4535334212 E-mail
Karlsen, Anders Academic Research Staff +4535334186 E-mail
Loos, Ruth Professor +4535337781 E-mail
Luo, Jiao Postdoc +4535335177 E-mail
Luo, Yang External   E-mail
Manitta, Eleonora Postdoc +4535331095 E-mail
Ottander, Lisa Agnes Kristina Academic Research Officer +4535329569 E-mail
Smit, Roelof Adriaan Johan Assistant Professor   E-mail
Wee, Aylwin Lim Ming External, Ph.d Student   E-mail