Hansen Group

Staff list for the Hansen Group at CBMR

Genomic Physiology and Translation

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Agerbæk, Sofie Master Student   E-mail
Al Mubarok, Abdullah Faqih Master Student   E-mail
Aldiss, Peter Stuart Jacob Postdoc   E-mail
Fred, Rikard Göran Assistant Professor   E-mail
Fu, Zhiyi Master Student   E-mail
Hansen, Torben Professor +4535337129 E-mail
He, Shanshan Master Student   E-mail
Holm, Louise Aas Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Hovendal, Emilie Damgaard Brünner External, Ph.d Student +4535323394 E-mail
Huang, Yun PhD Student +4591937730 E-mail
Jensen, Rasmus Tanderup PhD Fellow   E-mail
Kanellou, Marina Master Student   E-mail
Kapel, Benedicte Schultz Research Assistant   E-mail
Khaing, Phyu Thwe Htet Htet Master Student   E-mail
Laurentiussen, Claes Ottzen Master Student   E-mail
Lepola, Mette Andersen Assistant Professor +4535325282 E-mail
Liu, Qingyang Master Student   E-mail
Madsen, Anne Lundager PhD Fellow +4535326020 E-mail
Margiolakiotis, Angelos Master Student   E-mail
Mikkelsen, Christina External, Ph.d Student +4522766352 E-mail
Nielsen, Rikke Linnemann Industrial Postdoc   E-mail
Nygaard, Nikoline External, Ph.d Student +4535331941 E-mail
Peña Lozano, Elionora Postdoc +4535320228 E-mail
Pikkupeura, Laura Maarit Postdoc +4535330671 E-mail
Reim, Pauline Kromann PhD Fellow +4535323138 E-mail
Stankevic, Evelina PhD Fellow   E-mail
Stinson, Sara Elizabeth Postdoc +4550217227 E-mail
Sørensen, Thorkild I.A. Emeritus +4593565934 E-mail
Thielemann, Roman PhD Fellow +4535322292 E-mail
Thodberg, Malte Postdoc +4531511014 E-mail
Thuesen, Anne Cathrine Baun Postdoc   E-mail
Ullah, Asmat Postdoc +4535321208 E-mail
Vestergaard, Henrik Guest Researcher   E-mail
Wang, Weilin Master Student   E-mail