Zierath Group

Staff list for the Zierath Group at CBMR

Circadian Biology

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Ashcroft, Stephen Paul Postdoc +4535334677 E-mail
Atger, Florian Joseph Alain Postdoc +4535328908 E-mail
Ehrlich, Amy Melissa Postdoc +4535332397 E-mail
Henderson, John David Postdoc +4535325341 E-mail
Jensen, Simone Research Assistant   E-mail
Mercier, Julien Master Student   E-mail
Stocks, Ben Nicholas Assistant Professor +4535332944 E-mail
Thomsen, Jane Sohn Special Consultant +4535337043 E-mail
Zierath, Juleen R Professor +4535337048 E-mail