Cardiometabolic Research in Society and Culture

Staff list for the Cardiometabolic Research in Society and Culture / Medical Museion Group at CBMR

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Aamot Helm, Aslak Postdoc +4535327426 E-mail
Arnold, Ken Professor +4535330692 E-mail
Bech, Christoffer Gertz Museum attendant +4593509449 E-mail
Bencard, Adam Associate Professor +4535320875 E-mail
Bjerregaard, Malthe Kouassi Curator +4535320887 E-mail
Friis, Tine Postdoc +4593516034 E-mail
Gerdes, Nanna Museum Conservator +4535320888 E-mail
Glerup, Cecilie Research Coordinator +4593509913 E-mail
Green, Ane Signe Marketing Manager +4593509125 E-mail
Grytter, Simone Cecilie Academic Research Staff +4535326084 E-mail
Hastrup, Vibeke Administrative Officer +4593509449 E-mail
Hussey, Kristin Diana Postdoc   E-mail
Jensen, Anne Bernth Curator +4535331287 E-mail
Jensen, Maria Thode Attendant   E-mail
Jensen, Ulla Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535332906 E-mail
Johansen, Martin Gerster Head of Communications +4535324023 E-mail
Jørgensen, David Peter Flørli Administrative Officer   E-mail
Meyer, Ion Head of Collections, Curator +4535323804 E-mail
Olsen, Annika Klæmintsdóttir Visiting PhD Student +4535325929 E-mail
Riel, Charlotte Administrative Officer +4535323800 E-mail
Rogers, Hannah Star Postdoc +4535328262 E-mail
Schjøtt-Wieth, Amalie Suurballe Conservation Technician +4593509529 E-mail
Stampe, Anne-Sofie Academic Staff +4535330241 E-mail
Tybjerg, Karin Associate Professor +4535323803 E-mail
Vilstrup, Niels Curator +4535323867 E-mail
Whiteley, Louise Associate Professor +4521126712 E-mail
Yvonnet, Sarah Postdoc +4535332988 E-mail