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Staff list for the Pers Group at CBMR

Central Regulation of Metabolism

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Aalling, Nadia Nielsen Postdoc +4535330289 E-mail
Ahwazi, Danial PhD Student +4535325398 E-mail
Andersen, Charlotte Høy Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Becker, Finnja Hendrike Master Student +4535329140 E-mail
Belmont-Rausch, Dylan Matthew Postdoc +4535326151 E-mail
Boer, Geke Aline Guest Researcher +4591956533 E-mail
Brown, Jenny Marie Postdoc +4535334806 E-mail
Christensen, Oliver Pugerup Master Student   E-mail
Coester, Bernd Postdoc +4535328008 E-mail
Dworzynski, Piotr External +4535335549 E-mail
Egerod, Kristoffer Lihme Research Consultant +4535337057 E-mail
Fan, Yong Assistant Professor +4593509187 E-mail
Goddard, Carolyn Marie Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Lilja-Fischer, Helle Kinggaard Laboratory Technician +4526719296 E-mail
Ludwig, Mette Q External +4535331377 E-mail
Lyu, Liwei Visiting PhD Student +4593509186 E-mail
López Navarro, Miriam Master Student +4535336264 E-mail
Mathiesen, Cecilie Vad Guest Researcher   E-mail
Moltke-Prehn, Anja Bioinformatician +4535324174 E-mail
Mottelson, Noah Wulff PhD Fellow   E-mail
Pers, Tune H Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535335755 E-mail
Reilly, Eoghan Thomas Master Student   E-mail
Stannius, Tobias Overlund External Researcher   E-mail
Thomas, Cecilia Engel Postdoc   E-mail
Todorov, Petar Vladimirov Research Assistant +4535335309 E-mail
van Hilten, Arno Research Assistant +4535321319 E-mail