Gerhart-Hines Group

Staff list for the Gerhart-Hines Group at CBMR

Control of Metabolic Homeostasis

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Albadri, Ayat Khaled Fayez Master Student   E-mail
Basse, Astrid Linde Research Consultant +4535333028 E-mail
Dollet, Lucile Chantal Marie Postdoc   E-mail
Embring, Hannes PhD Fellow +4535321029 E-mail
Finger, Fabian Michael Postdoc   E-mail
Gedye, Matthew PhD Student   E-mail
Gerhart-Hines, Zach Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535337547 E-mail
Gestal Mato, María Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Grauslund, Camilla Honoré PhD Fellow +4560190021 E-mail
Grothen, Julius Elliot Raagaard PhD Student +4541601615 E-mail
Johansen, Olivia Sveidahl External, Ph.d Student +4535337023 E-mail
Karavaeva, Iuliia Postdoc +4535331258 E-mail
Kristensen, Cecilie Kynding Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Lorentsen, Katja Munch Master Student   E-mail
Lund, Jens Postdoc +4535326622 E-mail
McIntyre, Rebecca Lynn Postdoc +4535328199 E-mail
Polat, Sofie Lund Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332045 E-mail
Rausch, Niclas Erasmus Master Student   E-mail
Sass, Frederike Research Assistant +4535330761 E-mail
Skogøy, Valdemar Olav Isak Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Topel Batarlar, Hande Postdoc +4535323379 E-mail
Vo, Camilla Trang PhD Fellow +4535326467 E-mail
Wonsbek, Katrine Master Student   E-mail